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Welcome to my index. Here you can find all my works.

My Uncle Worked In An Insane Asylum Series:

Part 1 – The Beginning

Part 2 – The Mumbler

Part 3 – The Rocker

Part 4 – The Time I Almost Got Fired

Part 5 – C-Section

Part 6 – The Spirits Don’t Leave

Part 7 – The Stalker

Part 8 – The Screamer

Part 9 – The Covered Door

Part 10 – The Time I Got Locked In A Room

Part 11 – Going Back

Part 12 – She Wasn’t Dead, But She Was Ready

Part 13 – Through The Window Pane Glass

Part 14: A Completely Sane Cannibal

Part 15: Depression Hurts

Part 16: A Human Experiment

Part 17: Isolation Therapy

My Uncle Worked In An Asylum Season 2

Part 1

Part 2

Other Works:

Pokemon Go Horror

Why I Know Ghosts Are Real

My Friend The Cop And Harold The Killer

I Found A Killers Guide To Killing

I Was Almost A Victim In A Murder Suicide

Don’t Hike Glastenbury Mountain

Antique Hoarder

The Vermont Poltergeist

My Friend The Urban Explorer

My Friend The Urban Explorer Part 2

Haunting Tales From an Addict

Haunting Tales From An Addict Part 2

My Friend Has Been On The Other Side of the Deep Web

I Saw The Hoosac Tunnel Hag


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